Material handling / conveying system are provided for continuous production mass transfer, various types are available like powerised roller, gravity roller, belt, slates, chain & pusher dogs conveyors, moving trolley, elevators, etc.
Powerised Roller Conveyor
PU Roller Tilting Frame Conveyor
180 deg. Indexing Conveyor
These machines are interfaced with transfer line machining systems. Conveyors with interlocks / interlinks and positioning arrangement. Safety guards and covers are provided wherever necessary. Speed variation facility provided in the system helps in increased productivity. Necessary care taken for component, so that sliding / rolling surface should not damage.
Applications :
Automobile crankcase, cylinder head, connecting rod. Wheel base & tier, impeller, flywheel, etc.
Tilt Com Turning Conveyor
Shuttle Station
Walking Beam Conveyor
Flat Belt Conveyor
Power & Free Roller Conveyor
Gravity Roller Conveyor
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